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tv   9 On Your Side News 530  ABC  January 20, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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that puppy spent the night here at a nearby middletown animal hospital -- his temperature was too low to even register--he had hypothermia and parvo. veterinarians say-- he was found just in the nick of time. a sweet 10-month old mixed boxer puppy-- one who is lucky to be here today-- today-- " almost every bone in his body is showing-- you don't get this way over night....looking at him he was neglected probably abused-- dumped and left.leroy was found huddled in an alley near north avenue and shafor st in middletown-- joseph's legacy immediately posted these photos for help--"he would have died overnight-- whether it be from the cold or the parvo virus. and it wouldn't have been a comfortable way to go." he had parvo and hypothermia. he was rushed to this animal hospital to see dr. matthew heller. heller. "he was hypothermic, 89 degree body temperature, emaciated, skin and bone "but with love-- and funds from the organization-- leroy could
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nats: he was so bad he had to have an iv just like a human and help came--nats: going to a new homejust down the road -- medical foster mom-- jenni dehart would see the photos and take him in--nats:"he looked like a bag of bones. he looked like he was dying so i said i could take him."nats:"i am immediately drawn to sick dogs. i just want to nurse them back to health."she's taken in more than 200 animals in need-- for several organizations-- she was outraged when she heard his story--"i get angry at humans that allow this to happen because there is absolutely no excuse for it."parvo vaccines are generally less than 20 dollars-- and can prevent a deadly disease that attacks an animal's immune system-- but leroy is receiving thousands of dollars worth of treatment-- sponsored by joseph's legacy donations. the doctor says he'll be just fine. "wagging his tail. eating wonderfully. long way to go but with love and nutrition, we'll do wonderful." again, an amazing recovery--a
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much much worse. he'll be spending the next couple of days out of the hospital and in his foster home. but volunteers say every bit of help counts. reporting live ra 9 oys. guards concerned for their safety -- led to a shutdown of the brown county jail two months ago.tonight -- nine on your side is getting answers for you about this government building in disrepair.we're learning that lockup could be reopened in *may*. nine on your side's i-team uncovered the problems at the jail... issues so bad that workers filed a grievance against the sheriff.a major issue -- doors that didn't lock!around 80 inmates in the jail had to be shipped out. out.and taxpayers are paying butler county every month to house december -- the tab was around 130- thousand dollars.alabama company "willow" has plans to restore the jail.that project dollars.
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from?we asked brown county commissioner barry woodruff. his response -- quote "we'll just have to make the money available."he says the county has been frugal... and they're diverting money generally used for construction projects and road maintenance. tonight -- we're hearing from the blue ash man -- who's using his own experiences to help the country fight human trafficking. trafficking.harold d'souza is one nearly a dozen people serving on a presidential panel to look at the problem. he became a victim after leaving india... he was forced to work 15 hour days with no -- he wants to make sure other victims have a voice. "i feel today like empowered and i feel like i want to give back to the community, especially to victims who don't have the voice, hope, courage, and freedom, and help them to get freedom in this country" d'souza says the panel will work to strengthen federal policies... which will both help stop human
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victims. kentucky's attorney general *wants* to help stop human trafficking... but says he needs approval from lawmakers to get things going. going.right now -- legislation is moving that would allow his office to put *specifically- trained* prosecutors on human trafficking cases.the governor says only one in ten reports of children bought and sold turn in to criminal investigations. "ring, ring, ring" ring"another slide today on wall street... fueled by falling oil prices.the dow jones industrials average closed down nearly 250 points... it was down *565* points earlier today.crude oil fell bellow 27 dollars a barrel -- the lowest price in nealy *13 years*. prosecutors say an ohio highway patrol commander *slept* with a co-worker's wife -- then stalked her after their affair was over! over!tonight -- william elschlager from marietta is charged with menacing by stalking -- and abduction.
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last year -- when he used a patrol vehicle to pull over the woman.he's now on paid administrative leave -- as the investigation plays out. what is your stance on medical marijuana?lawmakers want to know -- and you can weigh in during a statewide "listening" tour -- that's coming to the queen city. city.two senators want feedback to decide if it's worth introducing legislation this year.they'll have day-long meetings in four cities -- including cincinnati. the date and location of the local meeting has not been set. all the tickets are claimed... but tonight we *don't know* who won the last million dollar winner prize in the big powerball drawing.the last kentucky winner chose to stay anonymous -- we know the ticket was sold in hazard. one of the other winners bought her ticket in walton.linda windey also won a million dollars... she spent six dollars on three picks in the big drawing. a donut trail...sounds like something homer simpson would leave behind, right?well it's a real thing -- that you can take part in -- up in butler county.'s comprized of *nine* donut shops...
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chester -- and up to middletown.the idea for a "donut trail" came about after leaders realized butler county has more donut shops per capita -- than most counties nationwide!and there's something special about the nine restaurants on the trail. "they are all small, family run and operated shops sprinked throughout the county -- west chester to oxford and everywhere in between. we love to highlight what butler county has to offer and this is a great way to do that" that"shops will have "passports" -- where you can track the donuts you've tried. and if you visit all nine shops -- you'll get a "donut
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a snowboarder got more snow than he could handle...when he was caught up in *this* avalanche!see how he managed to get himself out alive. a school shutdown in detroit... students at *dozens* of schools told to stay home... because the teachers *called in*!but it's not a widespread illness...hear why those educators did it in defiance. i'm john matarese...more and more tri staters are receiving calls...being told they are late reporting for jury duty. i'm on your side with what to do if you get this call. you're watching nine on your
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a snowboarder finds himself fighting to escape -- after a small avalanche at ski resort! and the man's helmet camera caught the whole thing.he's laying on the ground after crashing... and then the snow starts moving!he tries to grab on to a tree -- but misses. that sends him over a small cliff -- and his camera is covered in snow.he said he was buried about chest deep -- and as you see... he makes it out okay. most schools in detroit closed today... not for snow -- but because the teachers were playing hookey! hookey!it was a protest for the governor's plans to split up the school district -- and the unhappiness surrounding
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in detroit had to close -- there's a-hundred in the metropolitan district.many of those teachers also planned to protest while president obama visits the motor city. your nine first warning forecast is coming up. the jury duty scam strikes again... (sot) "long story short, trying to obtain money using the fear of being arrested." john matarese is on your side with the key to spotting this scam... (sot) "the money is spent long before the person is told to show up in court." so you don't waste your money.fifteen hour freeze... a dog left overnight in an s-p-c-a van... must be put down by morning...the four employees facing're
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you're watching 9 on your side at 5:30. the hamilton county jury commission is issuing a warning tonight....about a scam that's costing local people thousands of dollars. consumer reporter john matarese is on your side with what to watch for. but first, why your salt didnt work this morning! john? tanya.... if you were driving, or just salting your driveway this morning, you may have noticed the salt didnt do a very good job.there's a reason...and a fix. the problem is that rock salt does not work below 20 degrees. even some other melters are
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teens: and we were at 15 this morning.that's why this is one case to pay more. more.our partners at consumer reports magazine say rock salt is least effective. environmentally safe melters are better, but not great below 20 says chemical pellets, like prestones driveway heat, are effective even down to zero. the hamilton county jury commissioners office asked me to share a warning tonight....about a scam that is targeting hundreds of tri concerns a summons for jury duty....and everyone needs to know about this. people have started showing up lately here at the jury room - - at the hamilton county courthouse -- after receiving threatening calls about missing jury duty. duty."we've had two or three show up here, yes."jury coordinator bradley seitz says all of them have were told they needed to pay a fine or
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obermeyer is among those who got the chilling call. call. "and he said i'm sheriff tom wilder from the hamilton county sheriffs department, and i am on the phone to issue you a warrant for your arrest for skipping jury duty."but jury coordinator seitz says no one from the sheriffs department or courthouse is calling: it's another phone scam to get you to send money, via western union or a pre paid debit card. card."they want their money. easily hands down no questions, they want their money."seitz says people are sending hundreds of dollars to avoid arrest....among them a young woman who then showed up tears. "a 23 year old female....she was not aware it was a scam until i had to break the bad news to her." her.""court officials say the one thing to know about jury duty is that you are not going to receive a phone call about showing up....and you will never be asked for money on the spot." spot.""the only way you can receive a call for jury service is if we send you a never cold call you and tell missing your jury service."he says the only way you'll be
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with a paper summons, not a threatening call. if you get a call and are confused, call the courthouse and ask for the jury commissioners office.finally its you win wednesday. all this month kroger is rolling out something call free friday new digital coupons onto your klroger card....get a free item friday.full detials on
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a puppy stolen -- and sold for drugs!the brazen crime caught on camera -- and what police are doing to find the two-pound pup. drive for design. the car you drive someday may have come from the pen of tri-state teen. new at six.. the contest he just won that makes a budding star in a very competitive field. and here's what you'll see
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a crime that's hard to wrap your head around...a puppy stolen from a pet store -- and sold for drugs! drugs!and check it out -- the dog-napping was caught on see this man putting the dog down his shirt!
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that two-pound yorkie pup -- in a drug's a shock to the kennel workers who saw that dog every day. "even when i come in ... in the morning, i look for a box. is there a box with a puppy in it? just something, you know" know"police have caught the man who made off with the dog. but they're still searching for that puppy.and tonight -- there's a one-thousand dollar reward for anyone who brings back the yorkie. a dog trapped in a freezing van for hours doesn't make it. carol williams joins us with the stories we're working on for you at six. carol. tanya, craig... as troubling as that is.. even more disturbing is where it happened... at the s-p-c-a. nine on your side was tipped by a viewer about the dog's death... so we went straight officials to find out how something like that could happen there of all places. pay raise. more than a million walmart workers will be getting bigger pay checks. how that will affect the entire
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track: winter blast. dozens of closings.. traffic at a crawl. we have your first warning about the new round of winter weather heading our waytrack: a dog abandoned in a freezing van... doesn't survive. sot: this pet was overlooked when they unloaded
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troubling.. who was looking after that dog. track: design wizard. sot: i really found a passion for it, designing cars. track: the local high school student who's already caught the eye of international automakers. you're watching nine on your side at six. its been a mean blast of winter with treacherous roads. the first big snow fall sent drivers spinning everywere today.. and creating traffic jams.its been a rough day just to get around. road crews are working non-stop... plowing snow.. spreading the temperature drops... they'll face new challenges tonight to keep roads safe as possible for you. but even with all of that... winter does have its fun side. with no school in many districts today.. lots of families hit the big sledding hill at v-o-a park in west chester. good evening. winter isn't finished with us. its working
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